Spiritual Growth

Riverside Community Church exists so that people will find and follow Jesus.

We take spiritual growth seriously around Riverside. If you have chosen to follow Christ, spiritual growth is a continual process of development that does not end. We’re dedicated to helping you take the necessary steps to develop disciplines that will help you grow, to find your spiritual gifts and use them, to learn to influence others and share the love of God the way that is most comfortable for you, and through it all, to help you understand that everything in your life is an act of worship before God. 


Below are four specific group environments to help you grow spiritually. They are offered as a part of our Midweek Connection on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm during the Fall and Winter-Spring Semesters


Learning To Follow Jesus (Christianity 101)

Learning To Follow Jesus is designed to help you mature as a follower of Jesus and impact those around you. You  will develop the seven essential attributes of a follower of Christ: learn to be with Jesus, learn to listen, learn to heal, learn to influence, learn to love, learn to pray, and learn to manage. Sharing with others in this journey will provide powerful connections as you become a more authentic follower of Jesus and become equipped to help others find and follow Him.

Resource: Learning To Follow Jesus by Daniel McNaughton and Bryan Koch


Learning To Be With Jesus (Christianity 201)

In this practical group, gauge your spiritual health and measure the gap between where you are now and where God intends you to be. Adopt practices to be with Jesus and live in the flow of the Spirit amidst real-world barriers like pain and sorrow, temptations, and self-doubt. Discover a deeper connection to Jesus, a growing sense of joy, and experience less fear as you grow in trust.

Resource: The Me I Want To Be by John Ortberg


Learning To Manage (Christianity 301)

Long before you were born, God equipped you with special tools to achieve His purpose and fulfill His plan. Come find practical tools to explore your own uniqueness, motivation to put your strengths to work, and the prescription for finding and living in your sweet spot. Make this the time you discover and use your unique God-given gifts and talents. 
Resource: Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado


Learning To Influence (Christianity 401)

Maybe you’ve heard of the Great Commission to “go and make disciples”. Christ is compelling us to do more than just share our faith. He is calling us to live out our faith on a daily basis by extending compassion to all and freely showing God’s mercy and grace. Throughout this small group, you will be stirred to bring about biblical justice in your world as you allow the Holy Spirit to whisper to you how to live a life of compassion and view the world through God’s eyes. Your willingness to live a transparent and authentic life for Christ will bring about eternal changes in your family, your community and our world because you are allowing yourself to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Resource: Becoming A Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg

Christianity 101 & Membership Events

In addition to these semester-long groups, we periodically offer a half-day event designed to provide an overview of the mission, vision, core values and culture of Riverside for those who are interested in becoming members.  

The next Christianity 101 Seminar is Saturday, September 21, 2018 from 9:00 am - 11:30 am at Parkside. 

You can register online to reserve your spot for Christianity 101 and the membership class here: RccConnect.org/101. 

The next Membership Class is Saturday, September 21, 2018 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm at Parkside. 

If you would like to apply to become a member, please complete this online application form: RccConnect.org/Membership.