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Unfortunately, me and my family received a detrimental phone call from our friend Nancy’s son-in-law. She sadly passed away during her daily dialysis appointment (as of right now, her fistula seemed to puncture an artery). Me and my family are extremely shaken up about this, and honestly I don’t know how to move forward in this process. Her death was so sudden, and it’s going to be hard going to her and her husband Ken’s house without being able to see a bright smile on her face. If anyone could possibly pray for the family and her husband, that’d be amazing. Sill, it’ll be hard to let go one of God’s greatest angels. I’ll miss you Nancy. <3


Please pray for my cousin Janet she is in her last phase of her cancer and having to go to hospice


1. My neighbor was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 2. Another elderly neighbor is having eye issues. Afraid of losing her driving independence. She’s 87 and feisty. 3. My mom and I had a falling out with my sister, and are not allowed to have a relationship with her kids which is painful. 4. A good friend of mine father in law died.


Praying for my oldest son-29, they found something on one of his kidneys and he is going in for further testing. Also please pray for my father in law Ed in his '90's, recently had a fall resulting in a fracture in his spine, he is in a lot of pain. Appreciate your lifting them both up in prayer.


For my mom. Lilliann Iocco. 94 years old. Last stage liver disease. Prayers for her comfort and God's Mercy.. Wisdom for our family as to how to take care of her.. At home?? Or in Nursing home?? Thank you all for praying..

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