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please pray for Scott Connor he is battling cancer


Dear friends in Christ please pray for me and my mother Nancy


Please pray for one of my ISC team's Grandmother. Grandma's name is Mary Katherine Alexander. She's in Assisted living facility. They called today to tell the family she's in a coma. ISC name is Cherie Curry. We pray together at work.


Please pray for my parents, Bill and Rhea. They are homebound and struggling with the realities of aging. Please pray for their spirits that they might be renewed and might be reminded of their first love Jesus. Give them the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to move through each day. Prayers for me as I work to care for them and help them as best I can. Thank you Jesus!


Prayers for Rev. Kev, a friend and client. He had a brain tumor removed in 2014, but over the last couple of years it has slowly grown back. This week he was informed that he has two brain tumors, one of which is growing on the side of a vein. Kevin will undergo Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on Thursday, September 17 at UPMC Presby.

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At Riverside we are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God through regular times of prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by Riverside staff. Please do not include last names in public prayer request. Contact us for more information.


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