Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the Riverside Community Church staff onboarding process! This page is designed to be a "one-stop" central hub for all the resources designed to help you become familiar with the mission, vision, core values, and the culture of our church and leadership team. As you work through the various steps we encourage you to take notes, ask questions, and keep coming back here as often as necessary until you have a sense of ownership of the content we have curated here for your benefit. We're praying for you!


Step One

Fill out and return the appropriate paperwork needed to begin your new ministry role! Our Bookkeeper and Business Administrator will assist you in this process. By now you should have taken these assessments but if you need a recap of what you've done here they are ... 


  1. Core Values Assessment
  2. Enneagram Type - There are lots of versions of these online but there is an app you can download and take the assessment and they’ll give you your results. You can download the free app here.
  3. Evangelism Styles Assessment
  4. Introvert/Extrovert Spectrum Assessment
  5. Myers-Briggs
  6. Sacred Pathways Inventory
  7. Smalley/Trent Personality Inventory
  8. Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  9. VARK Assessment
  10. Working Genius - a link to take this assessment will be emailed to you! 
  11. Work Appreciation Languages - a link to take this assessment will be emailed to you! 

Watch the Transition Of A Leader message from our Lead Pastor. This will give you context to our overall vision for leadership and the seven C's that shape our leadership culture. 

Step Two

Watch the online New To Know Session. This is what we share with everyone in our church who is considering whether they wish to become a part of the family to help them get acclimated to who we are. Follow along with the video and work through the links to familiarize yourself with our mission, core values, culture, ministries, and team. This will also aid you in becoming familiar with our website. You may also find our most recent annual report of interest too. As a staff member, you'll become an official member so it's good for you to also be acquainted with our church's bylaws

Step Three

Participate in the one-day orientation with our Lead Pastor and those who are called upon to join you in that experience. Did we mention free food?! You'll get access to our staff handbook, learn all about our policies, procedures, software, applications, and the technology we use to get stuff done. In preparation for this orientation you'll need to watch and listen to the Trust vs. Suspicion content located here

Step Four

Watch the This Is Us introductory message and the We At RCC Sermon Series below. This will give you a vivid picture of several metaphors we use to describe our vision for living as followers of Jesus. 

Step Five

Read the following books that we'll provide for you right away ...  

Step Six

Participate in a three-month evaluation. In this meeting you'll be evaluating us! Here are some of the questions you can expect to discuss with us that will help us to see our organization through a new set of eyes. This is where you can really help us to improve! 

  1. Do you see anything we are doing that is off-mission or off-purpose?
  2. Do you see anything that frustrates you? Any areas you're feeling stifled? 

  3. Do you have a good friend at work?
  4. Do you have all the tools you need to do your job?

  5. Are you doing what we hired you to do?

  6. What has surprised you? 
  7. What are you enjoying most? 
  8. Where have we over-promised and under-delivered? 
  9. What do you need clarity about to help you prepare for the 6-month evaluation? 
  10. Other: ____________________

Step Seven

Participate in a six-month evaluation. In this meeting you will be evaluated but don't worry, we spend a lot of time in ongoing evaluation in an effort to avoid any major surprises in this conversation. (The giving and receiving of feedback is extremely important to us so if this is an opportunity for your own growth we encourage you to invest time to develop this leadership skill here.) This meeting will focus on the 7-C's and your job description. This is where we hope to help you to discuss the alignment of what you've been doing with what we hired you to do. We'll also discuss how you're feeling about "your seat on the bus."

Beyond these first initial steps you'll have future opportunities for yearly reviews and evaluations that contain questions and conversation starters like these ... 

  1. What are you doing in your position to help people find and follow Jesus and to live at the intersection of our three core values (revere, connect, contribute)?
  2. In terms of your primary area of responsibility, how did this year go for you? How are you doing?
  3. What is especially gratifying and meaningful about your work?
  4. What are the most satisfying achievements for you in your ministry this year and why?
  5. Have there been major areas of concern, disappointment, or frustration in your ministry this year? If so, please share what these were and why.
  6. How is this year going for Riverside Church? How are we doing?
  7. Do you have major personal or professional concerns you would like to discuss?
  8. What two or three professional goals do you have for the next 12–18 months, and are they measurable and include realistic time horizons?
  9. What do you believe to be your strengths and gifts for ministry What energizes you about your ministry?
  10. What training may have been completed and/or begun during the past year?
  11. Are there areas you are would like to target for continuing development in the next year? Are there specific plans for addressing these plans?
  12. What suggestions can you make for me? How can I be of more support and assistance in helping you perform your ministry better?
  13. Feel free to share here what did not fit into the above questions that you deem important to discuss.

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

(‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭7‬ NLT)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

  1. How are you glorifying God with the quantity of your work?
  2. How are you glorifying God with the quality of your work?
  3. How are you glorifying God with the timeliness of your work?
  4. How are you glorifying God with your resourcefulness?
  5. How are you glorifying God by growing in self-reliance? (Do we need to hold your hand?)
  6. How are you glorifying God by adding skills to your talent portfolio? 
  7. How are you glorify God by developing increasingly effective work habits? 
  8. How are you glorifying God by helping everyone win across the organization?
  9. How are you glorifying God by making sure that you are having staff and congregational impact? Is your work thrilling and changing the people that it's supposed to effect? 
  10. How are you glorify God by demonstrating a Christ-like attitude and a Christ-like conduct?

That's it! We believe in you! You can do this! God's got His hand upon You!