New-To-Know Session

If you are new(er) to Riverside, we know there are things that you probably want to know about this church. So this experience is designed to help you with that! It’s a great starting point for you to get to know what is going on here at RCC! We invite you join us for this session so, as a new person, you can be in the know! If you have questions or would like to connect with us please email


Welcome & Introductions

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RCC exists to help people find and follow Jesus.


• Revere (God through a life of worship) 
• Connect (with others in authentic community) 
• Contribute (to helping others, both near and far)


1986 – Start in Penn Hills 
1993 – Oakmont Campus  
2006 – Mills Campus 
2012 – Parkside Campus

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2. Download the RCC App

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3. He Did This Just For You & First Steps … Learning To Follow Jesus

If you’d like more information about how to begin to follow Jesus we invite you to you to click on the link to explore a Spiritual Coaching designed to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus. Click Here

4. Next Steps, Membership & Baptism

To express your interest in Ready To Grow, click here.

To express your interest in Let's Go! (Membership), click here. 

To further explore water baptism, click here. 

5. Ultimately, we hope that you will fill out an INFO CARD (here) so that we can help you as you explore your Next Steps.

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Prayer Requests:

If there is anything we can pray with you about please let us know below. 

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