Welcome to the RCC Kids onboarding process! This page is designed to be a "one-stop" central hub for all the resources designed to help you begin serving with us and pointing kids to Jesus. As you work through the various steps we encourage you to fill out the forms, pray about the process, and ask us any questions if you have them!


Step One

Read these descriptions and decide what area you want to serve in:

- Kids Church (Sunday): Nursery

- Kids Church (Sunday): Preschool Helper

- Kids Church (Sunday): Preschool Teacher

- Kids Church (Sunday): Elementary Helper

- Kids Church (Sunday): Elementary Teacher

- Kids Church (Sunday): Check-In Overseer

- Kids Club (Wednesday): Preschool

- Kids Club (Wednesday): Elementary

Step Two

Fill out and return the appropriate application:

- Adult Serving Application

- Student Serving Application

Step Three

Turn in your application! You can hand it to Josh, Kasie, Katie, or Erin. We will review it and contact you!  

Step Four

Meet with Josh and Kasie! We promise that it will be fun. We will reach out to you soon after we receive your application in order to set this up. This meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know you better, hear your heart behind serving in RCC Kids, walk you through the mission statement and guidelines of RCC Kids, and allow you to ask us any questions that you may have.

If you would like to go over our guidelines before meeting with us, CLICK HERE.

Step Five

PRAY. We want you to take some to digest what we talked through and pray about being involved. We believe that ministering to kids is incredible important and it is our hope to partner with people who feel the same way. We're not perfect, but we love what we get to do, and we would love to get to do it with you!

Step Six

Get or hand in your clearances. 

Have Them: Make a copy of them and turn them in to us! If you are unable to make a copy, you can bring us the originals and we will make copies for you.

Need Them: CLICK HERE and follow the steps in this form. If you need help or clarification, reach out to us!

Step Seven

Start the shadowing process! Once we have your clearances, we can get you in to the area you'll be serving in and have you watch what happens. We will require you to do this twice before you officially start serving, but you can personally choose to shadow as many times as you need to before you jump in to serving.

Step Eight

WELCOME TO THE TEAM! We are so excited to serve alongside you! We know that God will work through you in the time that He has carved out for you to serve at RCC Kids. Thank you for being willing to answer His call to serve in this way. We are excited for what He has planned!