We partner with SEAPC (Southeast Asia Prayer Center) through our Care For Kids campaign. This year, proceeds will benefit the ongoing needs of the Kampong Speu Children's Home in Cambodia and the ministry our Impact team will be doing there this summer. Learn more below!


Giving in 2023

This year's funds will go towards purchasing land and building a new children's home in Cambodia. Each month, our funds will support the children's home staff and pay for utilities like water and electricity. 

In July, a team of Nexus students and The Table young adults will be traveling to Cambodia to provide a ministry retreat-like experience for the children and participate in ministry at another local children's home. Your contribution allows our team to present the gospel to these children in a fun and engaging way!


SEAPC CARE FOR KIDS SPONSORSHIP: Please consider taking your support of Care for Kids one step further. Sign-up to sponsor an orphaned, abandoned, or at-risk child in need. For $100 a month you can provide clothing, food, shelter, education, and medical care for a child in need. Below you will see many faces that need your help! 

You can sign up at either campus on Sundays between March 5 and April 2, or email Erin Wimer anytime at for more information.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific child below, please be sure to include his or her information when emailing Erin. 

Your contributions in 2022



Last year, you helped cover house utilities, staff salaries, and home repairs monthly at the Kampong Speu Children's Home. They purchased new clothing cupboards, new bedding, and mattresses for each child, as well as school supplies and uniforms!

Previous Campaign REsults

We have been partnering with Southeast Asia Prayer Center through Care for Kids campaigns since 2007. Riverside has raised $139,994 over the past 16 years. This is a record of our past campaigns: 

2007  -  Cambodia  -  Water well and science lab  -  $8,187.14

2008  -  Cambodia  -  Desks, chairs, and school supplies  -  $4,657.38

2009  -  Cambodia  -  Playgrounds, roof repairs, gym equipment  -  5,531.00

2010  -  Cambodia  -  Chicken farms  -  $5,691.71

2011  -  Tibet  -  Heart surgeries  -  $12.603.25

2012  -  Tibet  -  Heart surgeries  -  $8,495.71

2013  -  Cambodia  -  Arts camps and eduction  -  $8,035.01

2014  -  Myanmar  -  Buildings and furnishings  -  $10,457.03

2015  -  Myanmar  -  Buildings and clothing  -  $12,527.75

2016  -  Myanmar  -  Beds, electricity, sewer  -  $7,496.73

2017  -  Cambodia  -  Playground and education center  -  $7,561.23

2018  -  Cambodia  -  Kitchen and ceiling repairs  -  $6,116.00

2019  -  Cambodia  -  Playground and water filtration  -  $10,597.00

2020  -  Myanmar  -  Outreach center renovations and child sponsorship  -  $6,652.72

2021  -  Myanmar  -  Construction improvements and printing - $12,422.35

2022  -  Cambodia  -  Kampong Speu Children's Home Repair and Improvements  -  $12,967.83

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