Care For Kids 2020

This year we will partner with SEAPC (Southeast Asia Prayer Center) through our Care For Kids (formerly Coins For Kids) campaign. There are two ways contribute which will impact children living in Myanmar. Scroll down to learn more about how you can get involved this upcoming season of Lent. Kickoff is Sunday, February 23.


Outreach Center project

Cost: $20,000  //  Location: Children's Charity Children's Home in Myanmar

Our partners in Myanmar will transition a partial outdoor all-purpose room into a fully functional facility that will provide additional needed gathering space at the Charity Children's Home in Myanmar. 

This will provide opportunities for youth worship outreach services, church services, and outreach event space. This will increase the reach of this ministry to increase an already growing vibrant outreach center which has over 500 youth attending Saturday evenings, over 600 attending weekly for church services, and over 5,000 young people attending special camps and outreaches throughout the year. 

The Nexus Student Ministry team will utilize this space to provide services and host a Vacation Bible School for the children in August of this year. 

This renovated facility will play a vital role in the community to extend light in the midst of darkness.  The project is expected to take 2-3 months to complete once construction begins. 

DONATIONS: Donations of cash, checks (payable to RCC) or online donations will be received each Sunday during Lent to help cover the cost of this project. Funds will be collected from Sunday, February 23 through Sunday, April 5, 2020. 

CLICK HERE to donate to this project. 

Child sponsorship (Myanmar)

SEAPC partners with Myanmar Acts Mission to sponsor over 200 children living in two homes in Myanmar. There is currently an urgent need to provide sponsorship funds for approximately 50 children in Myanmar. As a part of this year's Care For Kids campaign, we are encouraging our Riverside church family to partner with SEAPC ( by signing up to become a child sponsor. 

Each day these children will receive safe shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, loving nurture, and the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. You can join this partnership for only $50 per month. 100% of your funds are sent to the local partner ministry to provide for your child’s needs. SEAPC administrative expenses relating to child sponsorship are covered outside of the individual sponsorship funds. As your sponsorship continues, you will receive regular updates. You can also develop a personal relationship with your child through letter writing, and in some cases, online communication.

SEAPC representatives will be available every Sunday morning between February 23 and April 5 at both our Oakmont and Pgh Mills locations. They will have informational packets for the children that need sponsorship, and you will have the opportunity to sign up and select the child you wish to sponsor. 

Previous Campaign REsults

We began partnering with Southeast Asia Prayer Center through Coins for Kids campaigns in 2007. Riverside has raised $107,956.94 over the past 13 years, mostly in spare change! Relevant to our cashless society and culture, we have changed Coins For Kids over to Care For Kids beginning in 2019. This is a record of our past campaigns: 

2007  -  Cambodia  -  Water well and science lab  -  $8,187.14

2008  -  Cambodia  -  Desks, chairs, and school supplies  -  $4,657.38

2009  -  Cambodia  -  Playgrounds, roof repairs, gym equipment  -  5,531.00

2010  -  Cambodia  -  Chicken farms  -  $5,691.71

2011  -  Tibet  -  Heart surgeries  -  $12.603.25

2012  -  Tibet  -  Heart surgeries  -  $8,495.71

2013  -  Cambodia  -  Arts camps and eduction  -  $8,035.01

2014  -  Myanmar  -  Buildings and furnishings  -  $10,457.03

2015  -  Myanmar  -  Buildings and clothing  -  $12,527.75

2016  -  Myanmar  -  Beds, electricity, sewer  -  $7,496.73

2017  -  Cambodia  -  Playground and education center  -  $7,561.23

2018  -  Cambodia  -  Kitchen and ceiling repairs  -  $6,116.00

2019  -  Cambodia  -  Playground and water filtration  -  $10,597.00

2020  -  Myanmar  -  Outreach center renovations & child sponsorship  -  $t.b.d.

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