At Riverside we are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God through regular times of prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by Riverside staff. Contact us for more information.

Submit your prayer request here.

Prayer Wall

Magdalena: Pray for my work and for Erin, Tanya, and Jody so we are more successful.

Rob: Cousin Sarah has been diagnosed with cancer.  Test are being done to determine type of cancer. Prayers for God's healing for her, guidance for the surgeons' hands, and wisdom for the doctors as they treat her.

Brad: Daughter has debilitating pain on left side where the colon is. Tests have been done. Pain has been ongoing for two months.

Brad: A friend is in a difficult relationship. Prayers for willpower, strength, security, increased faith, and feelings of self worth. 

Nancy: Needs a fresh touch from God; healing.

Samuel: Father's job has relocated him to Jakarta. Pray his and his wife's safety will be maintained as they start this chapter of their lives.

Brayden: Five year old recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Kim: Praying for stress in new job position. 

Donna: Pray for legs. Doctors not sure what is going on but cannot stand on her own without a walker. 

Jeremy: Peace and wisdom for him as he has a job interview for a new position at his current company.

Leiana: Pray for her best friend's family. They have lost a two-year-old little boy who was hit by a car and killed.

Mahlet: Pray for visa approval.

Jonathan: My children to come back to serving the Lord and the renewal of their relationship with Jesus and with their mom and I. Also, pray for our grandchildren so they can be taught Jesus and his love.

Dave: Stem cell transplant this week (8/12). Pray for strength for his wife Doreen as well.

Lee: Pray for the underground and persecuted church. 

David: Success and restoration as he receives treatment for addiction to alcohol.

El Paso: Healing and peace

Alice: Healing and strength as she recovers from surgery.

Colleen: Pray for relief and healing, she was burned at work.

Mary: Pray for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

Donna: Pray for relief of chronic pain

Dave: Will be having a stem cell transplant for cancer in August. Pray for he and his wife.

Dustin: Courage and strength through basic training.

Alice and Linda: Recovery from surgery.

Melinda: Richard, who is filled with cancer. Pray for a miracle for his healing.

Schuyler: Job guidance

Amy: For my sister, Karyn, Pray for full recovery after surgery in July.

Stephanie: Please pray for peace for Patrick. He is struggling to push through his past and understanding what his purpose is here. He struggles so hard everyday to fight through the evil. Please pray for him to continue to fight and have peace

Brad: Please pray for six year old Lyndsay who suffers from Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis.


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