At Riverside we are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God through regular times of prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by Riverside staff. Contact us for more information.

Submit your prayer request here.

Prayer Wall

Anonymous: Prayers for family who lost their 21 year old daughter to a stroke.

Shawna: Reunification for my family still sick and suffering.

Pat: Knee replacement surgery.

Betty: Please pray for Meghan for alcoholism.

Aimee: Please pray for recovery from recent surgery and for God's provision.

Patrick: Please pray for upcoming surgery.

William: Prayers for me and my mother, Nancy.

Brad: Friend, Paulie, has Tringemia Neuralgia and is currently having a flair up.

Magdalena: Pray for my work and for Erin, Tanya, and Jody so we are more successful.

Rob: Cousin Sarah has been diagnosed with cancer.  Test are being done to determine type of cancer. Prayers for God's healing for her, guidance for the surgeons' hands, and wisdom for the doctors as they treat her.


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