At Riverside we are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God through regular times of prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by Riverside staff. Contact us for more information.

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Prayer Wall

Jen: Prayer for my dear friend, Jane. She has been struggling with Stage IV colon cancer for over a year now.  Her family got the unfortunate news that she only has weeks possibly days to live. Prayers for her family as they stay by her side and have to say goodbye.

William: Asking for prayer because both my wife (Michele) and I are both Immuno suppressed and I am working in the healthcare field

Tricia: Nancy is awaiting a double lung transplant and kidney. Please pray for her that she remains protected from this virus and give her family strength as they care for her from home. 

Cheryl: My sister Lisa, an RN, is a licensed infectious disease nurse specialist in Mississippi and has a confirmed Covid-19 patient in her ward. They have 4 additional patients confirmed and in home isolation. Her husband Mike is part of the security team at the same hospital providing care. Prayer for protection against the virus and safe passage to provide care.

Marianne: I am a family therapist in Allegheny County that visits 10 families in their home. I am considered an essential worker. I am continuing to do home visits to ensure the safety of the children and that families have food and what they need to survive this anxious time. I pray that I remain healthly and not becoming a carrier and not know. I pray to help decrease anxiety and educate people on the facts of this virus. However I feel that this may help families reconnect with each other and remember how to spend quality time together, talk to each, respect differences, enjoy each other, and be supportive. 

Betty: Prayers for all especially those already dealing with significant health issues.

MaryJo: Peace and calm around all of us; for our business and God’s provisions. We work with a lot of churches and the trickle down has already started.

Terry: Pray for safety for my family. My wife is a hospice aide and i am a truck driver delivering to grocery stores though out the area. I myself have respiratory issues. Also we have 2 children at home age 5 and 13 we dont want to become infected. 

 Please pray for my team at Giant Eagle that they are able to weather this storm and that the Lord places a hedge of protection around them to fend off this virus as they interact with our customers daily.  

Joanne: This prayer is for my co-worker JP. He is a young man that was let go from his job of 5 years. He suffers from anxiety issues and addiction. I pray he has strength to carry on and to recover with Gods grace. 

Jeanne: Please pray for all healthcare workers. Terry,Jeanne, and daughter Beth, we are a family of healthcare workers. Scary times. 

Bob: Protection from the C virus for my parents who are both 90. Safe return of my brother Dan and his wife from Spain on Tuesday.  

Shelly: My sister, Sharon, was sent to Allegheny General Thursday night in ICU with a fever of 106 and extremely low blood pressure. She was sent yesterday to isolation. When she got there, her heart was good...but last night she had increased heart rate and went in to A Fib. They have no idea what is going on. Today, specialist will do a roundtable about her, trying to figure out what to do. She's very ill. Please Pray! 


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