At Riverside we are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God through regular times of prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by Riverside staff. Contact us for more information.

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Prayer Wall

Patty - My stepdad Robert was brought into the er at St Margaret last night vomiting blood. He had such a low blood pressure they could not get a reading. After several hours it was clear he would need life saving measures. It is his wish to go peacefully without those measures. I asked that he just be made comfortable until it’s Gods will for him to pass. We need prayers for him and his journey home. Please.

Amy - Our prayers are for healing for our son. We ask the Lord to heal his little heart and mind so he can know he is safe. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so we clearly see how best to quiet and calm his anxiety. Bless this child with the peacefulness that comes from knowing YOU, God, are the ALMIGHTY Protector and Ruler.

Marilyn: Please pray for my friend Dan who has just had two surgeries and diagnosed with cancer. He will have to undergo chemo and radiation.

Anonymous: Please pray for Gene who is in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Cary: Please pray for my friend Sam's family that they may somehow be comforted. Sam was murdered and his family is naturally devastated. His daughters are all in their 20s.


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