Serve the Burgh brings communities and people of faith together. We are a partnership of churches, schools, nonprofits, businesses, civic and government organizations working together to address the needs of our unique local communities in the Pittsburgh region.

Dates for Serve the Burgh's Weekend of Service this year are May 18-20. 

Visit the Serve the Burgh website here for more information or to register!

Serve the Burgh connects people of faith with their communities in the Greater Pittsburgh region through hands-on community service and resourcing underprivileged organizations, families and individuals. 

Many of the opportunities to give and serve are with existing organizations however we also offer a variety of unique opportunities that you can't find anywhere else. There are great organizations in our region that are making a big impact in their communities; however, they are under resourced and understaffed. We come alongside of these great organizations to provide volunteers, financial support and resources necessary to fulfill their mission. 

People of faith who attend a local church or Christian school often don't have ample opportunity to get plugged into their communities through service and local engagement. Serve the Burgh provides faith communities the opportunities for their members to work together in projects designated for their faith community alone. This provides churches and schools a way to offer outreach opportunities without hiring a staff member to oversee a community outreach program. 

A true coalition by definition is an alliance that brings unity to groups of people. Serve the Burgh brings people of faith together with the communities in which they reside as well as churches and schools of different denomination and belief. Serve the Burgh is a faith-based alliance to give back to our communities in the Greater Pittsburgh region. 


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