Prayer Requests

At Riverside we practice the scriptural admonition to “pray without ceasing”. We are committed to aligning ourselves with the will of God and that happens in regular times of prayer. We have seen God do the miraculous by taking seriously the command to “carry one another’s burdens”, so we have dedicated this page to lifting each other up in prayer. We invite you to review and pray for requests and post your own prayer requests. You have the option to share openly, anonymously or exclusively to the staff. All entries are available to and filtered by RCC staff. Contact the church office at 412-828-2488 or for more information.

Use the form here to submit your prayer request.


Geri: Please pray for my daughter's friend, Heather, who will be having the 16th surgery on her ankle in March. Her leg is not healing and after 4 years, it is her last hope before amputation.

Addie: Asking for prayers that the Lord lead Dave to the right job. Unemployment is done and we need something quickly.

Cheryl: Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Kari's family, especially her Mom, Jackie and her brother, Nick. Thanks for standing with us in prayer.

Jennifer: Please pray for Donna. She was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Cindy: Please pray for my Dad, Conrad, as he prepares for his second surgery this coming Thursday to relieve severe pain in his right leg due to lack of blood flow. Hist first surgery was long but the results were awesome! Thank you God!

Cindy: I'd like to request prayer for my young friend Anne who is having surgery on her kidney to remove a questionable tumor tomorrow. When I told her about our prayer wall she was very open to this idea and welcomes as many prayers as possible!

Sue: Please pray for Alyssa, my 25 year-old niece, who has been sick for a while with digestive problems. She weighs about 90 pounds now. She is now starting to show signs of having seizures.

Bob: Pray for Guy and his family who lost their 14 year old grandson/son Gus to gun violence on Saturday Nov 25th. He is understandably very emotional but knows Gus is with the Lord. Prayers for all the family members. Guy is a member at Monroeville AOG.

Melony: Asking for prayer for Robin. She is a cousin of someone that I work with. She was diagnosed 3 years ago originally with bone cancer, and is near the end of her journey. The doctor is saying it could be days or a few months. Asking that the right regimen can be given to her to reduce her pain enough to rest peacefully and share time with her family and friends before going home with the Lord.  

Deb: Please pray for my dad, Cecil. He was admitted yesterday to Allegheny Valley with bacterial pneumonia and is very sick. 

Jennifer: Dear friend Lori was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. Another friend's husband Ed was diagnosed with liver cancer. Please keep them in your prayers.